Trinity Bellwoods Elusive White Squirrel Left a Mark on the Neighbourhood

One of the white squirrels from TRINITY BELLWOODS PARK has died electrocuted. The squirrel has been found dead, hanging from hydro wires with his teeth clenched on them. The way he went was quite unfortunate since he was not lucky enough to die of natural death. Even though, one might not expect a squirrel to enjoy popularity after death, all the fuss created around this creature made him quite an iconic figure.

Residents in the area of TRINITY BELLWOODS PARK seemed not to have noticed the presence of the squirrel while he was alive. There are materials proving the existence of squirrel such as photos, twitter accounts and Youtube videos, but people around the area don’t think he really existed.

The owner of the WHITE SQUIRREL COFFEE SHOP, a place located close to the park where the white squirrel died, received lots of e-mails and phones from people curious to know more about the creature. One of the strangest e-mails the owner of the Coffee Shop received was from a family in Australia who told him that they dreamed about the white squirrel. The Squirrel lover, as people seem to perceive him after the incident, is rather amused by all the attention paid to him, declaring that he likes squirrel, but that’s all.

The squirrel becoming popular overnight is not the only albino squirrel in the area, according to the executive director of TORONTO WILDLIFE CENTER. The Center sheltered an albino squirrel two years ago, while other few squirrels of the same family were spotted in the area. If they don’t die electrocuted, the albino squirrels do not live long lives anyways. In addition, they have vision problems, sometimes being entirely blind.