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Raccoons in Toronto

Being adaptive to city life raccoons are common in many American cities. Toronto is no exception. These small and interesting animals are omnivorous. Due to this fact, the city environment has all they would need for nourishment. They eat eggs, insects, and fruits and in the city the garbage bins can be a source of their main delicacies. Being active at night, these animals are likely to avoid human conflict. During winter they like to hibernate and this reduces their presence is in the streets.

Though there is need to get the animal back to their natural habitat, it is often difficult as the animals are evasive. In the city raccoons often occupy hard to reach places and hunting them is very difficult. Chimneys, sheds, trees are often used for dens. However, they can be encountered in gardens and lawns and this is where conflict is mostly witnessed. People who are insensitive to animals have been seen hunting and eventually killing them.

The grave danger they pose to human population is transmission of rabies. Due to their fights with pets especially dogs and cats the likelihood of transmission of the disease is imminent. To protect pet’s people should vaccinate their pets in the environments where the animals are present. As the animals are attracted to city life due to plenty of food, getting rid of them is difficult. However people should protect their premises and lawns to make sure that the animals go back to their natural habitats without harming them.

The authorities are advising the community on dealing with these animals to ensure there is a minimal conflict. However if the animals are causing unwarranted discomfort methods such as trapping can be requested from the authorities. Lighting up their hide outs will also help one get rid of them without hurting them.


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