The History of Toronto and Surrounding Areas

Historical Hotels of Toronto

Toronto is among the most popular tourist spot and the city is tops the list of most exciting and amazing metropolitan cities. The city is surrounded by many great luxurious hotels but those who want to taste real royalty in Toronto then you must prefer staying in historic hotels of Toronto. Toronto is home to hotels that are in business for a very long time and one can find many historic hotels within the city quite easily. Some of the hotels today serve as landmarks as many of the people use name of historic hotels to explain routes. Below is the list of historic hotels and hostels located in Toronto.
The Fairmount Royal York Hotel:

The historic hotel was launched on June 11, 1929 since then till today the hotel is serving many royal occasions and still available in service to people. Being one the historic hotel, the Fairmount hotel is located in the central region of Toronto and it’s just a few walks away from the Air Canada and tourist attractions like Hockey’s hall of fame. Also near to the hotel are located Toronto’s biggest museums such as Royal Ontario Museum and other Campbell museum where you can visit to know the cultural life of Toronto.

Hotel Spadina:

Hotel Spadina is known as a haven for youth people and youth couples. For very long until today youth couples visiting in Toronto prefer staying at the Spadina historic hotel. Hotel Spadina built back in 1873 and the hotel stands tall in the service of people until today. Spadina hotel has been part of many great occasions and has served many famous peoples as well. In the mid 1960-1970, the hotel served as a centre of the music scene for the queen street west. Peoples such as Leonard Cohen and Rolling Stones are popular visitors of hotels and enjoyed its services.

Imperial hotels:

Imperial Hotels one of the most famous hotels with international branches all over the world is also one of the historic hotels in Toronto. Imperial hotel once was close to being closed because of low guests and visitors but since its recovery this historic Toronto hotel has never lost its charm and serves one of the most preferred accommodations by international tourists landing in Toronto.

The National Hotel: National Hotel is one of the oldest Hotels in Toronto and the hotel are in the service of people even today. The hotel was on verge of being demolished under the developments plants suggested by the Toronto government but the National Hotel was saved by the citizens of Toronto being one of the most historic hotels people of Toronto took action against the development plans and government has to take back the structure demolish orders. The National Hotel is known for its quality accommodation services, supportive hotel staff and for cheap accommodation with quality stay.

The Quigley Hotel:

The Quigley hotel was one of the first hotels in Toronto. The reason why this hotel is in business until today is that the hotel always comes with new innovative themes and ideas in designing rooms. In addition, the hotel has served always great and traditional Toronto dishes. It is the reasons of the hotel’s success.


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