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How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling to Toronto

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Bed bugs are among the most efficient hitchhikers. They can easily move across a room and hide themselves in clothing, luggage and other personal items. If this happens while traveling, you stand a chance of bringing these pesky parasites back home with you. The bloodthirsty critters can induce red, itchy welts and enough anxiety to make you reconsider your trip. Fortunately, there are a few precautionary measures that you can take to reduce the risk of a bed bug encounter on the road. These expert tips provided by professional exterminators will not only help you sleep better when traveling, but also give you peace of mind. Proper identification, through inspection of hotel rooms and careful packing and unpacking are just but a few measures that can help keep you do not remember I free from bedbugs.

Pre trip packing tips

Your choice of luggage shouldn’t have many crevices or nooks in which the bed bugs can hide. A hard-shelled suitcase is therefore more suitable since it has fewer seams and folds. Moreover, you can also pack your belonging – shoes, clothes, toiletries – in sealable plastic bags which you would only open when accessing the items. Alternatively, you can wrap your entire pack in a trash bug to stave off potential infestations when in bed bug prone locations.

Unpacking your luggage

Many people simply throw the suitcase on the bed or leave it zipped on the floor to avoid bed bugs. But this is not effective as bed bugs can get into crevices on the exterior of the luggage pack and hitchhike all the way back to your home. Instead, you should ideally place your baggage in the bathroom or on a luggage rack where bed bugs are less likely to access.

Inspect your hotel room

Beg bugs routinely lodge themselves into folds, cracks, crevices and ruffles in areas frequented by humans. When you first check into your hotel room, pull the covers from the bed and inspect for bugs under the pillows and linens. Pay special attention to the sides and seams of the mattress, frame and box spring. Finally, check behind the headboard.

When checking out thoroughly inspects your luggage even if you didn’t find any signs of bed bugs in the room. If possible, place your luggage and other belongings in a portable heating unit to eradicate any incident bugs.

When you get home

Coming home with even just a few bugs can be the precursor to a full-blown infestation. Thoroughly inspect your suitcase while outdoors or in the garage. If you rent an apartment, conduct your search in the bathtub, balcony or shower since bed bugs have a harder time crawling on smooth surfaces. Pay special attention to your clothes including the linings, seams and pockets and wash all of them in a heat setting o kill any previously undetected bugs.

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Trinity Bellwoods Elusive White Squirrel Left a Mark on the Neighbourhood

One of the white squirrels from TRINITY BELLWOODS PARK has died electrocuted. The squirrel has been found dead, hanging from hydro wires with his teeth clenched on them. The way he went was quite unfortunate since he was not lucky enough to die of natural death. Even though, one might not expect a squirrel to enjoy popularity after death, all the fuss created around this creature made him quite an iconic figure.

Residents in the area of TRINITY BELLWOODS PARK seemed not to have noticed the presence of the squirrel while he was alive. There are materials proving the existence of squirrel such as photos, twitter accounts and Youtube videos, but people around the area don’t think he really existed.

The owner of the WHITE SQUIRREL COFFEE SHOP, a place located close to the park where the white squirrel died, received lots of e-mails and phones from people curious to know more about the creature. One of the strangest e-mails the owner of the Coffee Shop received was from a family in Australia who told him that they dreamed about the white squirrel. The Squirrel lover, as people seem to perceive him after the incident, is rather amused by all the attention paid to him, declaring that he likes squirrel, but that’s all.

The squirrel becoming popular overnight is not the only albino squirrel in the area, according to the executive director of TORONTO WILDLIFE CENTER. The Center sheltered an albino squirrel two years ago, while other few squirrels of the same family were spotted in the area. If they don’t die electrocuted, the albino squirrels do not live long lives anyways. In addition, they have vision problems, sometimes being entirely blind. 

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Raccoons in Toronto

Being adaptive to city life raccoons are common in many American cities. Toronto is no exception. These small and interesting animals are omnivorous. Due to this fact, the city environment has all they would need for nourishment. They eat eggs, insects, and fruits and in the city the garbage bins can be a source of their main delicacies. Being active at night, these animals are likely to avoid human conflict. During winter they like to hibernate and this reduces their presence is in the streets.

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A History of Bed Bugs in Toronto

The bed bugs have been in existence since the time human beings have existed. They are a problem all across the world. The invasion of the bed bugs has forced so many cities to be closed down. Toronto has been invaded by these creepy little creatures very often. A recent study has mentioned that there has been a rise in the bed bug bites on the human beings. The bed bugs are present in the nature since time immemorial. Their trace can be found from the Ancient Greek times. There was a serious infestation by the bed bugs and thus let us understand the History of bed bugs in Toronto.

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Historical Hotels of Toronto

Toronto is among the most popular tourist spot and the city is tops the list of most exciting and amazing metropolitan cities. The city is surrounded by many great luxurious hotels but those who want to taste real royalty in Toronto then you must prefer staying in historic hotels of Toronto. Toronto is home to hotels that are in business for a very long time and one can find many historic hotels within the city quite easily. Some of the hotels today serve as landmarks as many of the people use name of historic hotels to explain routes. Below is the list of historic hotels and hostels located in Toronto.

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Historic Buildings in Toronto

Since 1960s. Toronto has shown resurgence in developing new buildings. Once, this city had the buoyant optimism of creating extra ordinary architecture. It seems that the era of cultural renaissance and tourism has pushed Toronto to its former recognition – The city of contemporary architecture. Toronto has started to groom itself as a cultural and architectural hub. Surely, this transformation took a lot of time for its spectators. The Historic Buildings in Toronto have introduced new contemporary designs to the architectural world. Since it has always been a multicultural destination, the aspirations and attitudes are reflected on the buildings of this remarkable city.

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